10 reasons to choose KABE:



KABE caravans and motorhomes are designed for the Scandinavian climate, to keep you equally comfortable in the middle of winter and on warm summer days. When it comes to insulation, ventilation and heating – we go all the way. For maximum stability and complete moisture control, the body is built with KABE’s own iWall system. Every model features the Alde 3030 boiler and waterborne under floor heating is standard. Many of our important year-round functions are built into the design, and do not attract attention when you first enter your motorhome or caravan. However, you will notice the difference when you start using your KABE.



Our goal is to deliver market-leading quality and superior design, in every detail. That's always been our focus, for more than 60 years. We develop and test new solutions in our own state-of-the-art facilities in Tenhult, Sweden and every KABE is built here as well. It is one of Europe's most modern caravan and motorhome factories. With skilled employees, our own electricians and our own joinery producing interior fittings. And our subcontractors are among Europe's leaders in every category.



No matter which model you choose, you can be sure KABE delivers market leading quality in every price segment. Quality that endures. We work constantly to improve our caravans and motorhomes, with the goal to always deliver a vehicle that meets your and the next owner's requirements. You can rest assured that your KABE will maintain a good resale value.



Your new KABE always includes cutting edge technology and it is one of the most well-equipped motorhomes in the market. In our mind, future challenges require solutions for the future and we put a lot of effort into technology development. In the past few years, we have received several prestigious awards for our innovations, e.g. in ventilation and heat recovery. We do everything possible for an extremely comfortable experience on the road.



From material selection and production technology to energy efficiency and emission levels – environmental issues are of the highest priority and we are completely committed all the way. We make great efforts to lead the way towards an increasingly eco-friendly caravan and motorhome industry. Naturally, we support the UN's global goals of sustainable development and better working conditions, increased diversity, gender equality, as well as maintaining a high level of business ethics.



When you buy a KABE you invest in safety. We want you to feel secure in your investment and fully enjoy life in your caravan or motorhome. A 7 year warranty on water infiltration is included with all new models. Your safety on the road is extremely important, and our caravans and motorhomes are equipped with many active safety systems. But in case of an accident, your KABE includes many carefully developed passive safety systems to protect you. A few examples are the stable body and robust construction as well as steel frames around batteries and water tanks to prevent them from moving in a collision.



KABE has more than 60 years of experience developing and building caravans and motorhomes for active, year-round use. You will find many smart solutions, making life in your KABE as convenient and relaxing as possible. Some examples are our practical pull-out ski box with lighting, central lock on lower kitchen cabinet doors and drawers and perfectly placed USB outlets exactly where you need them!



Our modern and spacious interior in light colours and materials, is truly Scandinavian design at it’s best. Recessed cabinet doors, rounded corners and ergonomic seat cushions are examples of details that create our special KABE experience. It’s the perfect balance between design and function, inside as well as outside. The exterior with carefully developed features and elegant lines give each KABE it's distinctive character.



KABE has a wide network of authorised dealers and service stations, not only throughout Scandinavia, but in several European countries as well. They provide expert advice and help you with financing and insurance for your KABE. And once you are on the road, we have more than 100 authorised service stations in northern Europe. You will always find professional help, should you need it. Many have worked with us for decades. You are in safe hands!



There is a KABE for everyone. All you have to do, is figure out which size, floor plan, equipment and price level is right for you and your family. And when you find your favourite model, you can select the optimal floor plan with KABE’s Flexline System. There are many options and great flexibility. The easiest way to build your KABE is in our online product configurator. Choose “Build your KABE” from our home page menu, or visit one of our dealers.

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