Policy for personal data processing and cookies

1. General Information
Our policy for personal data processing describes how we at KABE Group AB manage and protect your personal information. The policy covers our website kabe.se/en, other services where we refer to this policy and when you contact KABE in other ways. Depending on the reason for your contact, other companies within the group may be responsible for your personal data. When you enter our website kabe.se/en, you agree to the terms of this policy with regards to personal data processing and you can choose to allow cookies in connection with the use of our website. There are separate terms relating to the use of any services offered on our website.

KABE AB, org. no. 556075-7832 and KABE Group AB, org. no. 556097-2233 are responsible for this website. Please contact kabe@kabe.se with any questions. Additional contact information is available on our website: kabe.se/en. Depending on the type of personal data processing, one of the following companies in the KABE Group may also be responsible for the personal data: KAMA Fritid AB 556122-9807 or Adria AB 556269-1591

2. Cookies
We use cookies on our website kabe.se/en. A cookie is a small text file that is stored on the website user’s computer or mobile device. There are two kinds of cookies, session cookies and permanent cookies. Session cookies are erased when you close the web browser and permanent cookies are stored on your hard drive until they expire or you delete them. Permanent cookies are stored on your computer to enhance your experience on our website kabe.se/en. Language and other preferences are stored with the cookies to simplify your next visit on our website.

For more information about our use of cookies, please see our Cookiepolicy.

IP addresses are not saved in our database at kabe.se/en. As a result, information about you (the website user) cannot be connected to your identity.

In addition, we use cookies to calculate and report user numbers and traffic on our website. We use so called third-party cookies from other companies to perform market analysis and measure traffic. In your web browser, you can erase cookies or disable the ability for us to store cookies on your computer. If you choose to disable cookies, some functions on our website kabe.se/en may not work properly.

3. Personal Data
Your personal integrity is very important to us, and we at KABE will do everything possible to protect your rights and your personal data. We work continuously to ensure that our personal data processing procedures are implemented and adequate. Additionally, we provide training initiatives for our dealers.

The personal data that we process may be information you choose to share with us, for example when you contact us via the contact form on our website or send an email. We use this information to answer your questions and to manage any requests in the best way possible. If you sign up for our newsletter, your information will be used for mailings and marketing purposes. We may also receive your personal information from a third-party, for example from your employer if you represent one of our dealers or suppliers. You can find a more detailed list of our personal data processing in the Appendix – Personal Data Processing.

Your personal data may be disclosed to our partners for customer service purposes. Newsletter mailing is one example. Our goal is to collect personal data only for specific, explicitly stated, and legitimate reasons and we will only collect the data that is needed for this purpose. We work actively to limit data storage through elimination. We ensure, within reasonable measures, that the information is correct.

We at KABE strive not to transfer personal data to third countries, but if deemed appropriate or necessary, this may take place only after sufficient security measures have been followed and documented. As a registered user, you have the right to find out what personal data we have stored about you. You may update any incorrect information, request that your information is deleted, request termination of the data processing and data portability. KABE Group AB is responsible for any matters relating to personal data processing.

You may contact us via email at any time at kabe@kabe.se with questions regarding your personal data processing or if you no longer want your personal data to be registered with us. Feel free to contact us with any complaint relating to our processing of your personal data, and you also have the right to file a complaint with the Swedish Data Inspection Agency (www.datainspektionen.se). For questions regarding the Swedish Transport Agency's personal data processing (our provider), please refer to the Swedish Transport Agency's Data Protection Officer.

4. Intellectual Property Rights
All website content – including copy, photos, illustrations, trademarks, logos, design and graphics – is owned by KABE or our partners. Any usage (outside the use of our website) and copies of the information require written permission from KABE. Unauthorized use of our materials may result in legal action.

5. Liability
KABE will not be held responsible for and does not guarantee the quality, functionality or accessibility of this website and its contents. If you follow a link to a third-party website, we are not responsible for the material or content on the third-party’s website.

6. Applicable Law
In the event of a dispute in connection with these terms, Swedish law applies with the exception of conflict rules, and Jönköping District Court is the first court instance.

Purpose and description: Personal data: Legal basis for processing: Additional information:
Manage a request for a quote: When you request a quote from one of our dealers, we collect your contact information so that the dealer you selected can contact you. Name, telephone number, address, e-mail. Balance of interest. We will store your contact information and it may also be shared with the selected dealer.
Order reports or annual reports from our website: When you order reports or annual reports from our website, we collect your contact information so that we can send the information to you. Name, telephone number, address, e-mail. Consent.
Sign up for our Newsletter: When you sign up to receive our newsletter, we collect your contact information so that we can send it to you. Since the mailing is managed by one of our partners, your contact information will be shared with this third-party company. We may also use your contact information for marketing purposes and to send you current promotions. Name, telephone number, address, e-mail. Consent.
Participation in our contests: When you participate in one of our contests, we collect your contact information to keep you updated with information about that specific event. Name, telephone number, address, e-mail. Consent.
Contact via contact form on our website or by phone: When you contact us, we manage any personal information that you choose to share with us to process and answer your requests in the best way possible. Name, telephone number, address, e-mail. Customer registration is based on fulfilment of agreement. Marketing is based on balance of interest.
If you are a registered owner of a caravan or motorhome: When you become a registered owner of a caravan or a motorhome, we process information about you. We use your personal information for customer service purposes and also for direct mail advertising, such as invitations to trade shows and special promotions. Name, telephone number, address, e-mail. Fulfilment of agreement if you are an existing customer. Otherwise balance of interest. The information has been obtained from the Swedish Transport Agency.
If you represent a customer company, dealer or supplier: When you represent an employer who is in contact with KABE, we process your personal information. The purpose depends on the nature of the matter. Name, telephone number, address, e-mail. Balance of interest in fulfilling commitments to your employer.
Distribution of our magazine Caravan Living: If you are a registered owner of a caravan or a motorhome from model year 2009 or later, you will receive our magazine Caravan Living or Motorhome Living. You may also receive invitations and information about new products and trade shows. These mailings are for marketing purposes. Name, telephone number, address, e-mail. Balance of interest. KABE AB (publ) is responsible for the processing of personal data for this direct advertisement. We have obtained the information from the Swedish Transport Agency. The information is stored for three months and then deleted.

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