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KABE Van standard equipment:

Utrustning - KABE
  • A Swedish-built premium van, built on a base from Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
  • 6.97 metres long with a raised roof and an impressive 196 centimetres living area height
  • Mercedes 4-cylinder 170 HP diesel engine with Euro-6 emission standard
  • Rear wheel drive, four wheel drive is available as an option
  • Active safety systems
  • Attention assist
  • Automatic brakes
  • Automatic dimming high beam
  • Electric parking brake
  • Traffic light assistant
  • Lane Departure warning
  • Rain sensor
  • Side Wind assistant
  • Road Sign assistant
  • Connected to digital services
  • Built for year-round use with year-round comfort
  • Fuel heater engine circuit
  • Unique insulation method
  • Warm water floor heating AGS II Pro, double floors and extra convectors
  • Heated barrier by the sliding door and rear doors
  • Heat exchanger
  • KABE's built-in values, comfort and amenities
  • Insulated tanks
  • Panorama skylight
  • Exterior lighting above the sliding door
  • 4 belted seats and sleeps 4
  • Compressor refrigerator
  • Kitchen counter and refrigerator built with a collision frame
  • Award-winning Smart D electrical system
  • Cover for the seat base

Floor plans

Selecting the right floor plan for your motorhome, is as important as when you buy a permanent home. We all have different needs. That's why we offer a number of floor plan solutions so that you can tailor your motorhome to your personal requirements.

Royal  - KABE


Crossover 780, 880.
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter with an AL-KO chassis.

Crown - KABE


Fully integrated 760, 810, 860
Mercedes-Benz with an AL-KO chassis.

Imperial - KABE


Fully integrated 810, 860, 910
Mercedes-Benz with an AL-KO chassis

Novum - KABE


Crossover 750
Mercedes-Benz and AL-KO chassis

Van - KABE


Van 690
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Floor plan: LXL - KABE

Floor plan: LXL

In the rear of the motorhome, you will find a double bed on one side and bathroom with a shower on the other side.

L= L-shaped kitchen

Floor plan: LB - KABE

Floor plan: LB

Features two single beds in the rear of the motorhome. Bathroom and shower are located along one side, in the middle of the motorhome.

L= L-shaped kitchen

Floor plan: GB, LGB - KABE

Floor plan: GB, LGB

The same floor plan solution as LB, but with raised beds to accommodate a large cargo space underneath.

L= L-shaped kitchen

Floor plan: T, LT - KABE

Floor plan: T, LT

Two single beds are located in the middle of the motorhome. Bathroom with a walk-in shower spans the entire width of the motorhome's rear.

L= L-shaped kitchen

Floor plan: QB, LQB - KABE

Floor plan: QB, LQB

A large double bed is centred in the rear of the motorhome.

L= L-shaped kitchen

Smart D

KABE SMART D control panel monitors your motorhome. It is also used to manage functions. The panel is designed with a focus on user friendliness and features a touchscreen display that is easy to understand.

Overview - KABE


With Smart D you can manage functions in one place. You can control the refrigerator, AC, AirVent and more – all in one easy-to-view display.

Lighting - KABE


On the home page, you can see lighting controls and digital sliders for dimmers. Inside and outside temperature as well as time are also displayed.

Status - KABE


Current status information about fresh water level, waste water level and battery voltage is clearly displayed.

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