Manufacture and sale of caravans and motorhomes.

KABE AB is a Swedish manufacturer of caravans and motorhomes. KABE was founded in 1957. KABE's headquarters, development and manufacturing facilities are located in Tenhult, Sweden. Every KABE caravan and motorhome is built here. Also located in Tenhult is KABE's manufacturing facility producing walls, floors and ceilings as well as KABE's carpentry factory. KABE AB is a subsidiary of KABE Group AB (publ.). Additionally, KABE Group AB includes KAMA Fritid AB, one of Scandinavia's leading manufacturers of caravan and motorhome accessories and Adria AB, an importer of the Slovenian caravan and motorhome manufacturer Adria Mobil's complete product assortment to Sweden, Norway and Finland.

KABE, located in the Swedish town of Tenhult, began manufacturing caravans in the early 1960s. During the last 60 years, we have learned what works well in our Scandinavian climate and we continue to develop and improve our products.

Vision, creativity and the ability to turn good ideas into actual product are the fundamentals of KABEs development as a company. Our ambition to create a comfortable and enjoyable camping experience has resulted in a number of unique solutions – especially with regard to important functions like heating and ventilation. It’s not an exaggeration to say that KABE has been a leader in the innovation of caravans and motorhomes for at least 60+ years and we continue our work in that spirit.

Our unique floor heating system and proprietary plastic joists with embedded air ducts are both inventions that we have filed patent applications for. KABEs patented solution VarioVent is an optimized ventilation system that you will not find in any other caravan or motorhome.

KABE Travel Master motorhomes are built with solid knowledge and experience. They are the result of our own as well as our customers’ requests and – most importantly – the result of our continued quest for a superior product. With the help of skilled craftsmen and talented technicians, we manufacture up to 850 motorhomes a year in our 12,000 m2 manufacturing plant, still located in the county of Småland, Sweden.

Quality and safety, design and function guide our production process and we conduct the toughest of quality control testing. Our attention to perfection shows in every detail – insulation, ventilation, heating systems, windows and furniture construction.

We include all standard equipment in the base price of our models, adding value to your KABE. Every KABE caravan and motorhome is made in Sweden!

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